Bandhavgarh-Green Wood Resort

In quest of the majestic tiger

Tiger Safari is the prime objective in Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh in India. Besides animal watching, bird watching is also very popular in the reserve. In order to cope with ever flowing stream of tourists a number of accommodations were established. The famous Green Wood Resort was established with the sole objective of providing a luxurious stay in the pristine valley of the forests. The best place in the wild to see the Bengal Tiger is one of the most picturesque with relics of an ancient past.

The luxury hotel is an extension of park tiger safaris. Our warm hospitality and services tend to your needs and long lasting comforts. Green Wood Resort compliments your stay in the park with its sweet offerings in the enchanting woods. The property accords the finest and a memorable stay. The experience is sure to roll down your memory lane. Exploration of the jungle and trekking tigers is our forte, thanks to our trained naturalists and years of experience in ecotourism.

The journey to Bandhavgarh is an odyssey of delight, an adventure that thrills you down to the bone. We are expert in organizing the finest wildlife safari and bird watching trips in the tiger reserve. Come be our guest and experience the exoteric wilderness of Central India. Experience the magic of the tiger land, home to awe striking striped cat. Welcome!

Greenwoods Resort is 500 Mtrs from Patour Gate in confines of the beautiful forests and meandring rivers.



Greenwoods Resort
Village - Patour, Tahsil-Manpur,
Dist. Umariya (M.P.)

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